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Freezer™ - Cooler Back Pack

Freezer™ - Cooler Back Pack

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Freezer™: Where the bag meets versatility.

2-in-1: back pack and cooler

Spacious interior

Water-resistant and secure zipper closures

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Design description:

•Large Storage

•3 accessory pockets

•300x180x80 mm


•Leakproof lining


•Adjustable shoulder strap


7-12 business days


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Questions? Answers.

What is the storage capacity of this insulated bag?

This insulated bag has a storage capacity of 20 liters, ideal for carrying a large amount of groceries or drinks for a day outdoors.

How long is the temperature maintained?

This insulated bag can maintain internal temperature for up to 8 hours, ensuring your food and drinks stay fresh even on long trips.

Is this insulated bag easy to clean?

Yes, this cooler bag is designed with easy-to-clean materials. A simple wash with soapy water is enough to keep it clean and ready for reuse.

Is this insulated bag durable enough for outdoor activities?

Absolutely, this cooler bag is made from durable, tear-resistant materials, making it perfect for outdoor outings, like picnics, hikes, or days at the beach.

Are there compartments to organize items inside the bag?

Yes, this cooler bag is equipped with several interior and exterior compartments, allowing you to organize your food and drinks conveniently. Additionally, it has additional pockets for storing utensils or other small accessories.